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Gas Line

Gas leaks can be a very serious and dangerous problem in your home or business. It can endanger you and your family and potentially cause a disastrous explosion. If you suspect a gas leak, give the experts at Leak Detection Specialist a call. We have all of the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to detect a potentially fatal gas leak.

gas leak carmel californa
gas leak carmel california
gas leak carmel california
Pot on Gas Burner

Residential Gas Line Leak Detection

The first sign obvious sign of a gas leak in your home is the smell of rotten eggs. If you suspect a gas leak, immediately leave your property and give 911 a call, your safety is most important. Once your gas has been turned off our technician will help you find the location of your gas leak, and we offer 24/7 Emergency Services. For peace of mind, you can schedule regular gas line maintenance with us. We will test and detect any broken or damaged gas lines to prevent any potential or catastrophic damage to your home.

Commercial Gas Line Leak Detection

If you believe you have a gas leak in your property or business give us a call. We provide businesses regularly scheduled maintenance of gas lines. We will test your gas line to determine if there is a leak. If a leak is present, we will assist you in finding a reliable and professional gas line repair technician for your property. 

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line


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